10 Nov

How to fix A Disk Read error occurred Windows 10

/markcleanMark the volume clean if no corruption is detected. /offlinescanandfix Run the offline scan and perform fixes. /forceofflinefixBypass online repair and queue defects for offline repair. /cSkips the checking of cycles within the folder structure. /v Displays a list of every file in every directory, on FAT32. Thus, try to shut down your computer and […]
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09 Nov

How to Install Windows 10 from a USB Drive

The first is by right-clicking on your desktop and selecting Screen Resolution; a list of options will appear. In order to rotate screen image Detail clockwise, select Extend these displays and then check Portrait Orientation from below. Rotate the screen with a keyboard shortcut Hit CTRL+ALT+Up Arrow and your Windows desktop should return to landscape […]
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08 Nov

How to take a screenshot on PC

It’s a good idea to check which ones you do not use anymore and remove them. Press Win + S and type background apps in the search box. Head to the Start menusearch bar, type in ‘wsrest.exe’, and select the best match. 3) Once you’ve taken a screenshot, the screenshot is saved to the clipboard […]
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07 Nov

Free Windows 11 RDP

Then type in slmgr –rearm and hit Enter key to reset the evaluation period / licensing status and activation state of the computer. Since the advent of Windows 10 in 2015, Microsoft has been offering free upgrades for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 users to Windows 10. You can purchase a Windows 10 […]
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